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How To Buy a Loose Diamond
























What Is a Loose Diamond?
In today's market, the loose diamond is becoming ever popular. A loose diamond is a diamond that has not been set in a piece of jewelry. The greatest advantage of purchasing a loose diamond is that you can use it in any kind of setting or any kind of design you want. Talk about a custom design! A loose diamond allows you to come up with a one-of-a-kind design that no one else will ever wear or be seen with.

By purchasing a loose diamond, you can determine it’s setting and cut; that means you have unbridled flexibility and overall control of how the jewelry will eventually look. Prior to purchasing a loose diamond, make sure you understand how the 4 C's of diamonds, the cut, color, clarity and carat weight affects the ultimate worth of your custom designed jewelry.


You can learn those all-important facets of diamond buying at Never embark on the process of buying loose diamonds until you are aware of the various aspects of a diamond. If not, your lack of knowledge will be costly. See also: GIA Certified Loose Diamond and Wholesale Loose Diamonds.


When It Comes to a Loose Diamond You’ve Got Options

One of the greatest advantages to buying a loose diamond is that you have some wonderful options available in terms of shapes and cuts. No status quo pre-cut diamonds here!


You can start off with the right stone and work together with your diamond cutter to create a masterpiece that becomes a family heirloom right before you very eyes. The most common shapes are the round and then the princess cut, pear, emerald cut, heart-shaped, and still there are many more cuts and shapes available.


How to Buy a Loose Diamond

The decision to choose a loose diamond over pre-cut and pre-set diamond depends on where you want the diamond to be set or the occasion for which you are buying. It also depends on if you are buying one single loose diamond to be used in a solitary diamond ring or custom-made engagement ring.


Or, if you’re purchasing a cluster of loose diamonds to make a number of custom rings, a tennis bracelet or a diamond necklace. If you are buying a loose diamond to make an engagement ring, keep the personality of your fiance in mind and let it shine through the cut, the shape and the setting. The same goes if you are buying loose diamonds for an earrings or a bracelet.


Start the process by finding the right dealer from whom you will buy your loose diamonds. They are available both online and offline. When it comes to buying a loose diamond, currently, most people feel more comfortable with dealing with a dealer in person, (i.e., offline) as opposed to buying online.


On a side note, with the advancements being made with the Internet and technology, we’re sure that will eventually change in the future. The issue has a lot to do with trust. It is always better to see the actual stone prior buying it. A picture can only show so much, and the buyer should make certain the stone is what he or she wants before purchasing.


Know Your Stuff Or You May Get Burned!
Seeing the gem up close is also the only sure way of determining things like its fire and brilliance. When purchasing loose diamonds always ask the jeweler or for a 10x loupe. A loupe will assist you in determining the clarity grade of loose diamonds and allows you to properly examine the core under magnification. This goes right back to understanding the 4 C’s of diamonds.


Remember: you will be expected to know your stuff! There are several different types of microscope sets that allow you to observe loose diamonds and gem stones. It is very important to identify any inclusions that are present in a loose diamond as this is crucial part of determining a diamond’s value.


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