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Tips On Buying A Wedding Ring


























The Wedding Ring Facts
The wedding ring is the ultimate symbol of the couple’s union and their vow of being faithful to each other. It is worn on the couple’s left ring finger because of an ancient belief that it had a vein that led directly to the heart.

Every weekend, across the country, around 50,000 wedding ceremonies take place. The couples usually spend countless hours planning every single detail of the special day. One of the most important decisions they make is deciding on the type of wedding bands they will wear to symbolize their love.


Unlike wedding day attire, wedding rings will be worn everyday for the rest of the couple's life. When shopping for a wedding ring, it is important to find a style that matches their personalities and lifestyles. Here are our tips on buying a wedding ring set:


Heirloom Wedding Ring Set

Electing an heirloom wedding ring set is a special way to celebrate your love as well as honor and remember the past generation who owned and wore them. If you or your partner has family heirlooms in terms of wedding bands, you can have them polished and set with gemstones.


Modest Wedding Ring Set

Unlike engagement rings, see Brilliant Cut Diamonds, a wedding ring does not need to look fancy. If you did a survey of one hundred married couples, you’d find that many of them opted for wedding rings are simple bands with very little design or jewelry on the surface. They usually choose to engrave their names or a simple statement inside their wedding bands and that’s that.


Diamond Wedding Ring Set

For those who choose to go this route, the possibilities are endless. For women, eternity bands (a narrow band with diamonds set all around it) are an excellent choice because they provide a glimmering brilliance and can be worn together with the engagement ring or alone.


However, be warned; those with active lifestyles should choose to have the band set halfway with diamonds. This way, they can avoid damaging the stones. For men, flush set round diamonds make a great addition to a simple band.


Platinum Wedding Ring Set

Platinum rings have been quietly been growing in popularity. The A-list of celebrities who wear platinum wedding bands is now a long one. Namely, Tony Parker & Eva Longoria, Josh Kelley & Katherine Heigel, Chris Ivery & Ellen Pompeo and the list goes on and on… However, platinum is not just for celebrities, it is quickly becoming the metal of choice for many brides and grooms.


In a recent survey by National Jeweler, nearly 40% of people surveyed were planning to purchase a wedding band made of platinum. This is due largely to platinum's alluring qualities; it is the most rare, precious, and eternal of all metals.


But buyers should be advised: platinum is also the most expensive because of the very characteristics that make it valuable. For those who crave platinum but are on a budget, some wedding rings sets come in lightweight versions, greatly reducing the costs.

Custom Wedding Ring Set

For those people looking to add something less traditional to their ring finger, many jewelers are providing the perfect solution; custom designed wedding ring sets! The options available with these wedding bands are only limited by the imagination of the couple and their budget.


The mixing of materials is quickly becoming a favorite alternative to a simple band. Some designers are using materials such as stingray skin and rubber mixes together with platinum, white gold and other precious metals and stones.

The most important step in selecting a wedding ring set is to shop around. You can also apply some of the same tips we provide in our: Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide and in our Diamond Rings guide.


  • Platinum Wedding Ring Set
    If you’ve been keeping track then you know that Platinum wedding ring sets have been quietly been gaining in popularity. Find out why and how you can lower your all around costs...


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