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Jewelry Repair Guide



When it comes to fine jewelry, there are a number of things that can go wrong and when they do, the situation can instantaneously turn your happiness into loss. Loss as on altogether losing your precious diamond ring, diamond bracelet, diamond pendant, diamond solitaire ring, princess cut diamond or other fine jewelry.


Imagine waking up one morning and noticing one or more of your diamonds or precious gems are missing from their settings; it happens everyday! Or, going through your day and all of the sudden, you realize that your diamond watch or diamond engagement ring is no longer on your wrist or finger. You frantically search for your jewelry, but to no avail; it happens everyday and it happens to the best of us!


Remember Chris Evert? The former World #1 woman tennis player was wearing an elegant diamond bracelet while playing in the U.S. Open. Her bracelet inexplicably broke during the match and her diamonds went flying!


All most all of these jewelry mishaps and accidents can be avoided with proper care, inspection and maintenance of your fine jewelry. In this session I’m going to share 12 Jewelry repair tips that will save you time, money and aggravation.


Jewelry Repair Tip #1

When it comes to fine jewelry, one simple way to minimize an unplanned mishap that can potentially ruin your day, is to have your fine jewelry inspected and evaluated periodically by a professional jeweler.


For most jewelry, every two to three months should suffice. However, if you constantly wear your jewelry while leading an active life, the frequency of these inspections should increase. Your jeweler can make that call upon inspection of your item(s).


Jewelry Repair Tip #2

Perform your own inspections. Without question, the primary cause of lost gemstones is worn, thin or broken prongs or tips. In between your professional inspection, you should check to se if your gemstones are moving, rattling, crooked, cracked or out of place. Inspect each area around stones to see if settings are secure.


Use a toothpick or a pair of tweezers to gently nudge the gemstones to see if any of them move or wiggle. In some instances, compacted dirt under gemstone settings can actually give the appearance that the stones are snuggly fitting within the settings, when they are not. Usually, they become very loose and fall out when they are cleaned, so keep an eye out for those scenarios.


Jewelry Repair Tip #3

Invest in a jeweler's loop; use it to determine the true condition of your fine jewelry in between your professional jewelry inspections. Check to see if your jewelry is becoming dull or worn.


If you have bracelets or diamond necklaces, examine the latches carefully. They should spring back instantaneously and should not be marred or damaged in any shape, form or fashion.


Jewelry Repair Tip #4

When it comes to finding a great jewelry repair shop, just know the first rule of thumb; all jewelers are not created equal! What than means is this, you can go to a store that belongs to a national chain and get great service at that particular store and terrible service at another store in that same chain.


In the same token, you can go to an independent jewelry repair shop and receive superior service and another independent jewelry repair shop and get horrible service. Go here to learn the 5 Rules to Finding a Great Jewelry Repair Shop.



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