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Fine Jewelry
Crafted To Sparkle, Built To Last






We receive a multitude of questions about fine jewelry and thought it be a good idea to answer some of the most asked questions right here. First and foremost, if you don’t already know it: all jewelry is not Fine Jewelry!


What is Fine Jewelry?

Fine Jewelry is defined as jewelry made of a precious metal such as Platinum, Gold or silver and set with precious or semi-precious stones. Why is it important to make this distinction? Because all too often individuals are purchasing fashion jewelry and falsely assuming their jewelry is worth more than it is.


Fashion Jewelry vs. Fine Jewelry

Fashion jewelry, commonly called cheap jewelry, almost diamonds, budget-friendly jewelry and costume jewelry, can be best described as imitations of fine jewelry. You can buy fashion jewelry for a fraction of the cost of fine jewelry. For example, a 1 ct. Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, will cost around $4800.00 to $6500.00, depending on the quality of the diamond, the setting and the jeweler. You can purchase a Cubic Zirconia look-a-like for around $25.00 to $70.00 at the most.


Fashion jewelry, with its gold plating, silver platting, synthetic diamonds, Cubic Zirconia’s and other fake jewelry will never compare to fine jewelry in terms of looks, quality and staying power. Don’t get us wrong; we’re not knocking fashion jewelry, were just making sure that you clearly understand the difference between the two.


Fashion jewelry may sparkle in the display case under the specially designed lighting, but it simply lacks the staying power of the higher-quality pieces of fine jewelry. Everyone knows that gold and silver platted jewelry will eventually turn green and could possibly stain your skin. The fake diamonds eventually loose their luster, some faster than others depending on how active the person is. Fashion jewelry was not designed to stand up to sweat, heat, moisture or exposure to the elements.


Fine Jewelry; Crafted To Sparkle, Built To Last

When gemologists cut diamonds and goldsmiths craft settings, their vision is to craft a diamond engagement ring, wedding band set, diamond wedding ring or a diamond stud earring that has a sparkle and a fiery brilliance that breathtaking. In addition, their mission is to craft a sturdy design that lasts he tests of time. True jewelers know that their handiwork can easily become a family heirloom, that’s why with fine jewelry; attention to detail is the norm, not the exception.




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