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How to Choose The Right Diamond Necklace












The diamond necklace becomes an incredible accessory if you choose the right one. It can do wonders to virtually any outfit, face and personality. In this “How to Guide” you’re going to learn the steps movie stars, fashion designers and well dressed divas take to determine the type of diamond necklace they will wear to enhance their already natural beauty. 

Let’s face it; when it comes to fine jewelry, you have an infinite selection to choose from. The problem is; these choices tend to leave many women at a loss at what to do. This decision becomes critical when your event is a wedding, graduation, Red Carpet type extravaganza or some other event that ranks high on your importance meter.

The wrong diamond necklace could send a woman with a fragile self esteem over the edge. It may sound crazy to some, but an uncoordinated outfit can turn an otherwise sweet event into a sour note. How does one find the perfect match? Take these three steps and you will look fabulous!

Step #1 To Choosing a Diamond Necklace
Decide on how you’re going to wear it! Will this be an everyday diamond necklace? Will you wear it to work on a daily basis? Is this necklace only for after six dinner engagements? Will you be working out or otherwise engaging in physical activity with the necklace? Is this your club wear necklace?

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This step is vitally important because you have to factor how delicate or strong of a clasp you have. Some clasps might not hold up to strenuous activity such as a tennis match or maybe even vigorous jogging. In addition, an after six diamond necklace is going to look out of place at the workplace and vice-a-versa.

Step #2 To Choosing a Diamond Necklace
Decide on what you’re going to wear with your necklace! As you know, the easiest way to throw an ensemble off is improper color coordination.

Consider the outfit you’ll be wearing with your diamond necklace. To see if it will work, take your diamond necklace to the clothing store and see how it looks with the outfit you are considering, Conversely, buy your outfit first and base your jewelry selection on your outfit.

Step #3 To Choosing a Diamond Necklace
Search for necklaces with an ambiance that enhances your facial features. First and foremost, the gemstone, setting and necklace should grab your attention.

If its not appealing to you, it’ll be hard for you to feel good about wearing it. You want to factor in your skin tone, the shape of your face, the length of your hair and last but not least, your personality.

One you’ve covered those three most important steps, your diamond necklace choice will no doubt make you feel great and bring on a string of genuine admirers.

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