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Helzberg Diamonds
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Helzberg Diamonds
When you enter into a Helzberg Diamonds store, you’ll find a vast of array of diamond rings, diamond solitaires, wedding rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond pendants, diamond earrings and much, much more. The designers at Helzberg Diamonds have a knack for name branding with such exotic sounding collections as: The Helzberg Diamonds Promise of Love Collection, the Helzberg Diamond Masterpiece Collection and the Journey Collection at Helzberg, to name a few.

At Helzberg Diamonds you can also build or piece together your own diamond ring, to your specifications. The process is relatively simple. You select the stone, the cut and then the setting and “voila," you’re done!  When building your diamond, the first thing you will choose is the style of diamond ring you’d like to have. With this jewelry store, you have a seemingly endless selection.

The first part of the process is extremely important because you want to be happy with the end results. Don’t rush this part. If the Helzberg Diamonds sales representative seems too pushy, you may need to excuse yourself and seek another sales rep or another Helzberg Diamond’s store. Let’s face reality; all employees don’t follow the tenants of their employer. I remember one such scenario where I was grading a sales rep for a certain jewelry store, posing as a customer and the sales woman just didn’t get it! She attempted to hammer me and close the deal by any means necessary.

That particular jewelry store had a pretty high consumer complaint rate that pretty much pointed to their sales force; they were poorly trained. But other stores for that same company didn’t have the issues that store did. I shared that to say this; if you have a bad experience with any retail jewelry store, don’t label the entire company as being sorry or pathetic. You may have just experienced a sales rep that has having a bad day. Or, maybe you were having a bad day!

Once you’ve settled on your style, and remember, for some people this may take a few trips and a couple of hundred searches on the Internet before they finally settle on what warms their heart. If that’s the case with you, take your time! Most Helzberg Diamonds sales representatives won’t push you because they’re experienced enough to know the steps people go through when choosing diamond jewelry.



After settling on your final style selection, you’re ready to proceed to selecting your diamond or diamonds. This is done by first acknowledging your budget. It makes no sense to browse diamonds in the $4000.00 to $6000.00 range when your budget is around $2000.00. From there your Helzberg Diamonds sales rep should talk in terms of how the cut, color, clarity and carat weight determines your final cost. At this point you’re ready to be shown a picture and a final price.


About Helzberg Diamonds

The Helzberg Diamonds retail jewelry company was founded in 1915, is focused on customer service and has nearly 270 stores nationwide selling a wide selection of fine jewelry, including diamonds, precious gems, watches and other fine jewelry. The Helzberg Diamonds family takes pride in its history of offering exceptional value, exclusive designs and timeless jewelry. Helzberg Diamonds is based in North Kansas City, Missouri and is part of the Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (NYSE symbol BRK) family of companies.


Helzberg Diamonds Offers Flexible Payment Options Through Its Helzberg Diamond Card
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•"12 Months No Interest*" on purchases of $999 or more, or,

• "No Interest No Payments for 6 Months" on purchases of $499 or more, or,

• "90 Days No Payments No Interest**" on any purchase!"

• Free shipping on any purchase

• Special Offers available ONLY to Helzberg Diamond Cardholders


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