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Wholesale Loose Diamonds Can Save
You An Amazing Amount of Money












Wholesale Loose Diamonds
With enough know-how and research, it is possible to get an excellent deal on wholesale loose diamonds. A good place to start is online. Since online dealers have much lower overheads, they can sell their products at a 30 to 35 percent discount.

With thousands of dealers online, there is the added advantage of being able to shop for the exact cut and quality stone desired.

The first step to buying wholesale loose diamonds is to establish a budget. Then determine what shape is best suited for the purpose. Diamonds come in many shapes, such as round, princess, baguette, pear, marquise, and more.

Next, choose a carat size. One carat is an average standard. It is important to realize that two smaller diamonds with a combined carat size of 1 is worth less than a single larger stone worth 1 carat.

Diamonds come with a rating of clarity. Only a few gems are entirely colorless, and those are the rarest. The rest have a slight hue ranging from yellow to pink to blue.

After the above facts have been decided, browsing online will show what is available and at what price. See also: GIA Certified Loose Diamond and Loose Diamonds.

Before buying wholesale loose diamonds, it’s important to check out the seller’s credentials. What are the seller’s professional associations? Do they have a certified in-house gemologist? How long have they been in business? What is their return policy?

Finally, ensure that the wholesale loose diamonds being purchased come with the property certification. Most jewelers will offer a certificate of appraisal, which is needed to cover the stone under a homeowner’s policy. However, in addition to that, an online jeweler should be prepared to product a GIA (Gemological Institute of America) certificate attesting to the grade of the diamond. A certificate from the International Gemological Institute will certify the gram weight of the item.

While these certificates are important, if the diamond being purchased is small or of low quality, it might not come with certification. It is simply not worth the dealer’s while to get these lower grade stones certified. Many online jewelers offer additional services, such as mounting and sizing.

While buying wholesale loose diamonds online can offer tremendous savings, buying a diamond on eBay is not a good idea. Diamonds are an investment. Any seller wanting to sell at or below cost would merely have to take the diamond to his local dealer. The fact is; no one sells a diamond below market price.

Whether buying a single loose diamond for a special occasion or collecting gems as a hobby, with the right knowledge and information, diamond buying can be a rewarding experience.

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