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Buy a GIA Certified Loose Diamond
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Purchasing a GIA certified loose diamond ensures that the consumer is getting a product of the highest quality. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is foremost authority on many precious stones, including an unmatched status in their attention to diamonds.

Why Buy a GIA Certified Loose Diamond?
The GIA was responsible for one of the most comprehensive educational tools ever generated for a consumer: the 4 c's of diamond shopping - color, clarity, cut and carat. Additionally, it was the GIA who developed the color and clarity scales used today in jewelry houses of fine reputation. A GIA certified loose diamond carry traits affiliated with this successful organization. There are no businesses or products that are immune to the changes in the economy and the consumer alike.

As shoppers have become more budget-conscious and educated to the product, diamond retailers have had to drop prices and make compromises to their profit-margins in an effort to generate sales. Most of the major diamond retailers in America use the GIA's grading system and thus carry diamonds that are classified as a GIA certified loose diamond.

Where Are The Best GIA Certified Loose Diamond Deals?
The best deals in-store are had when retailers are liquidating or going out of business. At that time, prices can be as low as a quarter of their initial suggested retail cost. Beyond the price-cut that comes with a closing business, some retailers may be willing to lower prices on request just to make a sale.

Generally, a GIA certified loose diamond is more expensive than those without the commendation. Wholesale houses will often carry GIA certified loose diamonds at extremely low prices. By avoiding the added prices affiliated with marketing and in-store presentation, shopping wholesale proves extremely cost-efficient when approached by an educated consumer. It is important to research before purchasing diamonds wholesale to ensure the classifications being presented are legitimate and current.

Whereas retailers are generally stationary and available for inquiry through customer service channels, wholesalers are more likely to carry a rotation of inventory and may not be able to provide adequate compensation when a product fails to satisfy. National wholesalers are the safest and most reliable options for wholesale purchase in terms of inventory and service but may not always have the lowest price.

Find a GIA Certified Loose Diamond Deal Online
Internet shopping is an equally effective method for finding a low cost GIA certified loose diamond. Several diamond sellers and jewelers offer shopping on-line with money back guarantees. Subtle details in a stones clarity or color are more difficult to interpret through a digital image, and thus the necessity of a guarantee or warranty for the product.

Shopping on-line also carries with it the added advantage of selection far beyond what any individual retail store or wholesaler would carry. Searching specifically for a GIA certified loose diamond will ensure that the most reputable vendors are displayed for browsing.

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