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Yellow Diamonds






Yellow Diamonds

What type of woman wears Yellow Diamonds? The only way to describe her is using the acronym S.A.G.E.  

  • S - Sophisticated
  • A - Attractive
  • G - Glamorous
  • E - Elegant

Women who wear these coveted and rare gemstones are sophisticated beyond measure; they are naturally attractive, generously glamorous and effortlessly elegant. And like any sage person, they are profoundly wise women.


Like Yellow diamonds, these women are cherished for their subtle and soft dramatic appeal. The glow of their beauty illuminates any room with an aura and sparkle that’s hard to define in mere words.


Like Yellow Diamonds, these women are extremely rare. As soon as a smart man meets one of these women, he instinctively knows she’s a great catch! What type of woman wears Yellow Diamonds? She’s the type of woman who is self-confident, self-assured, seductively feminine, charming, friendly, sensual and fun to be with.


How Rare Are Yellow Diamonds?

They are simply hard to come by. You can search the whole world and find out that these one of a kind gemstones are in short supply. Very few diamond mines come across them and when they do, you can best believe the news will travel fast throughout the diamond trade.


How Expensive Are Yellow Diamonds?

Carat for carat, because of their rarity, fancy yellow diamonds are more expensive than ordinary near-colorless ones. We don’t see any indication that trend will change any time soon.


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Notable Women Who Wear Yellow Diamonds

Actress and one of the View co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg wore a $5 million canary yellow diamond pendant that weighed 80 carats. Supermodel Christy Turlington set her cushion-shaped yellow diamond in a navel ring. Actress Julianne Moore wore a 7.52-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond. Designer Donatella Versace graciously wears yellow diamonds.


Former First Lady, and now Senator Hillary Clinton, wore her 4.23-carat "Kahn Canary" flawless diamond to President Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Ball and various other important occasions.


Yellow Diamonds, however rare, have become so popular that even television series are using its natural beauty to dazzle viewers. In an episode on the hit series, "Sex and the City," the swank Samantha Jones character received a yellow diamond stunner from her then current en vogue boyfriend, Richard, after his indiscretion.


Shades of Brilliance

Yellow diamonds come in variety of color ranges:

  • Amber yellow
  • Canary
  • Light canary
  • Marigold
  • Light marigold

Facts About Yellow Diamonds

  • Yellow diamonds are the most popular of all fancy diamonds
  • A yellow diamond can be so light that it will be certified somewhere in the X to Y color range
  • The very first diamond ever to be authenticated in Africa was called the Eureka, a pale yellow stone weighing 10.7 carats.


Source: Vicente Ross,



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