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Stop Blood Diamonds Organization



The Stop Blood Diamonds Campaign is in Full Force

If you have ever been involved as an activist, then you know that nothing positive really happens until the grass roots movement emerges from nowhere, takes on an identity, builds momentum and creates a synergistic effect that draws multitudes. The Blood Diamonds has taken on its identity, is rapidly building momentum and we need you to join us as we create this synergistic effect that is drawing people from ass nationalities, creeds, colors, languages and ethnos.


The focal point and driving force behind this drive to stop Blood Diamonds is none other than the human rights organization, StopBloodDiamonds.Org. These folks have been instrumental in raising worldwide awareness of this issue, which can best be described as some of the most horrifying human rights violations ever seen.


What is Stop Blood Diamonds All About?

Stop Blood Diamonds is an international initiative birthed to help people, countries, governments, jewelers and diamond traders to become more aware of the horrifying circumstances surrounding blood diamonds. Until this issue is publicly addressed it will not change! We graciously thank all of the various governments, people and companies who have said no to Blood Diamonds, but we still have a long way to go. The sad fact remains that people are still being denied basic human rights and being imprisoned, enslaved and killed in certain African countries over diamonds.


Yes there have been measures and sanctions instituted by the international community, however, the blood diamond trade has not been totally stamped out. And until that time, we must spread the word, educate and admonish others to join us in turning the tide.


Not quite up to date on the seriousness of Blood Diamonds and how lives, families and communities are being shattered literally on a daily basis? Read these two articles by Ross Vicente: Blood Diamonds - Get The Facts and How To Avoid Buying Blood Diamonds.


What It Means To Join The Stop Blood Diamonds Initiative

Becoming a member of Stop Blood Diamonds is free! However, you can freely make donations to help fund this worldwide initiative. This is an active membership; meaning that by joining you are required to take some steps going to inure that we have maximum impact. Once you join Stop Blood Diamonds, you agree to be bound to these stipulations. Please note: all of the actions stated should be carried out within 3 months of becoming a member.


Show Your Support For the Kimberly Process

Show your support for the Kimberly Process by writing a letter and sending it out to the World Diamond Council. More than stating your support. You should emphasize your desire for a regular and independent monitoring of the Kimberly Process.


Write Your Legislator
Express your desire for a steady supply of clean diamonds by writing and sending a letter to your representative. Along similar lines to the letter for the World Diamond Council. You should expressly state your intention of acquiring and selling only diamonds that are deemed clean. However, this cannot be ensured unless our country makes sure that the procedures and measures are properly enforced. This is what we want the legislators to know.


For The Diamond Industry Only

Provide your customers with accurate information regarding your diamonds. Believe it or not, there are still people out there who have not heard of blood diamonds. Some of them may have heard of blood diamonds in passing but they do not know enough about them. What you can do as a member of Stop Blood Diamonds is to empower your customers by providing them with the right information.


Let them know about the practices of diamond mining and trading. Let them know about the measures set by the UN and individual countries. Yet, let them also know that these measures, though perfect in theory, are not regularly and effective enforced.


This only means that up to a certain point, there is no sure way of knowing whether or not a diamond is clean. This will emphasize the need for effective and continuous campaign against blood diamonds and for measures to be strictly employed.


We also ask that, as a dedicated member of Stop Blood Diamonds, you renew your pledge to campaign against blood diamonds every year. All over the world, efforts are being made to free our market of blood diamonds. With a concerted effort, we hope to be able to eliminate these horrible things in a few years.

Click here to join the Stop Blood Diamonds Initiative.

Source: Vicente Ross,



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