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De Beers Diamond



Love Them or Hate Them No One Can Ignore
The De Beers Diamond Co
You’ve probably heard about how De Beers settled the Class Action lawsuit. The truth is, when it comes to De Beers, you either love them to death or hate them with a passion. Or, you never heard of them yet. And the only reason you haven’t heard of De Beers Diamonds is because you are either not in the diamond trade or you are a diamond neophyte. 

About De Beers Diamond

De Beers is without question, the largest diamond mining company in the world. In the jewelry world De Beers has no peers and literally no real competition. They currently mine over forty percent of the world’s diamonds as well as sort and sell the majority of the world’s rough diamonds. At one point, it is estimated that they controlled about seventy to eighty percent of the world’s diamonds is some shape, form or fashion.


On one hand, De Beers is hated and despised with an unbridled passion. On the other hand, De Beers has a long and proud tradition of being committed to good corporate citizenship. Their commitment is expressed in part through their considerable social investment activities in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana and through their investments made in social development.


De Beers has pioneered many of the changes in the diamond industry. They led the way with their “Best Practice Principles’.” These are a set of guidelines, designed to ensure that everyone in the diamond chain observes the highest professional ethical standards of business practice. De Beers believes that adherence to its Best Practice Principles will ensure that consumers will continue to have confidence in the ethical standards of the diamond industry when they are buying diamonds.


We could write a one thousand page book on the De Beers list of accomplishments. Over the last century, De Beers has been highly successful in increasing consumer demand for diamonds. Probably one of the greatest marketing coups ever implemented in the world was using diamonds as a symbol of love and commitment. We have yet to see a more effective marketing strategy. One of the most profound and most endearing advertising slogans know to man belongs to De Beers, “A Diamond is Forever."


Inevitably, when a woman hears that slogan it conjures up thoughts of romantic evenings snuggly tucked away in the arms of the man of her dreams. All that over a slogan? That’s right! That’s the ingenuity and market savvy of De Beers. De Beers has had many other successful marketing campaigns such as the:


The Eternity Ring - a symbol of continuing affection and appreciation

The Trilogy Ring - representing the past, present and future of a relationship

The Right Hand Ring - bought and worn by women as a symbol of independence


You can find De Beers Diamond Jewelers at these locations worldwide.


  • Dubai at Mall of the Emirates, International Financial Center, and Wafi City
  • Fifth Avenue in New York City at
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan - Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, Yokohama, Kyoto, Kobe
  • Kiev in Ukraine
  • Le Printemps in Paris
  • NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas
  • Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California
  • Royal Exchange and Harrods in London
  • Russia in Moscow
  • Seoul in Korea
  • Taipei in Taiwan
  • The Forum Shops in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • The Galleria, in Houston, Texas
  • Tysons Galleria in McLean, Virginia
  • Union Square in San Francisco
  • Waikiki




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