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Choose Brilliant Cut Diamonds
When You Really Want To Sparkle











Brilliant Cut Diamonds Have a Unique Sparkle
Brilliant Cut Diamonds are without a doubt the best choice when you really want to sparkle. If you are not familiar with the most prominent cut, you don’t know what you’re missing! When it comes to diamonds, the mantra is, the more sparkle the better! But the truth is; certain cuts have greater sparkle than others. At the top of the list of gems with remarkable clarity and mesmerizing sparkle is the Brilliant Cut Diamond.

A Brilliant Cut Diamond By Any Other Name Is Not a Brilliant Cut Diamond!
To be clear these gems go by a number of variations in their name. Namely, Brilliant Cut Diamond, Brilliant Cut Diamonds, Brilliant Diamond Cut, Round Brilliant Cut, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond, Brilliant Cuts and Rounds. There may be some other variations, but those are the most commonly used and recognized.

 Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire 

 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Tiffany Double Border Diamond Ring 

 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Set

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Earrings 

Having shared that, don't be fooled by impostors and wannabes! Some sellers and even some jewelers may attempt to convince you that they are selling a diamond similar to the Brilliant Cut Diamond.

Sorry folks, but either a diamond is a Brilliant Cut Diamond or it isn't; there is no inbetween! The safest way to know that you are dealing with a genuine Brilliant Cut Diamond is to learn about Brilliants.

What You Should Know About
Brilliant Cut Diamonds
What are brilliant cut diamonds you ask? Brilliant cut diamonds are gemstones that are cut to a standard of fifty-eight facets, or faces, that magnificently reflect light.

Thirty-three of those facets are on the crown, or top portion, and the other twenty-five facets are on the pavilion, which is the bottom half of the stone.

This intricately complex cut is what separates these diamonds from all others. This cut is overwhelmingly essential to the gem's breathtaking fire, magic sparkle and unmistakable brilliance.

When examining, evaluating and appraising diamonds, brilliance is the measurement of the amount of light allowed to enter a stone and how the angles cut into the stone reflect that light back out to the naked eye.

What Determines A Diamond's Sparkle?
Essentially, the type of cut determines how much brilliance a diamond will display. The right cut can mean a diamond that literally glistens at any angle.

The wrong cut can mean that you end up with an expensive diamond that resembles fashion jewelry found in one of the “everything is a dollar” bargain stores. If you’re paying for a precious gemstone, then that’s what you should get and that’s exactly what Brilliant Cut Diamonds give you.

To be perfectly honest, that’s what you should look for in a precious gemstone – a fiery sparkle with magical brilliance! If not, then you probably don’t need a diamond. You could probably settle for a common gem such as an Amethyst, Sapphire, Citrine or a Tsavorite Garnet.

What is so special about Brilliant Cut Diamonds? It starts with the special intricate cut. You need to be made aware that not all diamonds are cut to this meticulous standard.

That’s why not all diamonds have the distinction and right to be classified as Brilliant Cut Diamonds. If you are shopping for a diamond then you’ve heard about the 4 C’s of diamonds. The 4 C’s, Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat are perfectly showcased in the brilliant cut diamonds.

Which is The Best Brilliant Cut Diamond?
Of all of the Brilliant Cut Diamonds, the round brilliant cut is the shape that truly maximizes a gem's sparkle.

Traditionally, diamonds cut into this shape are often used in solitaire, four-prong settings to display their dazzling brilliance. Just so you know, the other brilliant cut shapes are also highly touted, yet they are not as popular as the round.

You'll Be Glad You Purchased a Brilliant Cut Diamond
The decision to purchase this luxurious precision cut precious gemstone for your engagement ring, wedding band, diamond necklace or for your other favorite piece of fine jewelry may be the easiest decision you will have to make. Brilliant cut diamonds are without a doubt the top of the line when it comes to fine jewelry.

I Hate To Drop Names But Look Who Loves Brilliant Cut Diamonds
If you are a fan of Jay Leno and light night television, then you may remember that pro football star Jason Sehorn of the New York Giants romantically and publicly proposed on live television. He presented Angie Harmon with a gorgeous round solitaire.

Navy Seal Chad Williams, proposed to his girlfriend on the red carpet of the world premiere of the movie "When in Rome." In this Valentine’s Day romance, Chad presented his “Bride to be” with a one-carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond set in a Scott Kay engagement ring.

Actor James Brolin presented songstress, actress and comedian, Barbra Streisand with a one carat round.

When Guy Ritchie asked the then pop star Madonna to marry him, he presented her with a five carat round. I could go on and on. The point being, you are in great company when you select a genuine Round Brilliant Cut Diamond. 

The Brilliant Cut Diamond is So Awesome It Has a Patent
So awesome is this cut that a US patent was applied for and issued to March 2, 2004. It is officially listed as: US Patent 6698239 - Brilliant Cut Diamond.

The inventor is listed as: Robert J. Wueste. For those of you who disagree with that patent, you can contact the attorneys at: Cohen, Pontani, Lieberman & Pavane. Why is this patent so important? It goes to show the power, beauty and value of Brilliant Cut Diamonds.

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