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We receive a lot of questions about Black Diamonds. People want to know: (1) What are they? (2) Are they really real? (3) Are they worth anything in comparison to other natural diamonds? To answer those questions and more, check out our info on the Black Diamond.

What is a Black Diamond?
You can search the Internet high and low and not find much information on the Black Diamond, except at The reason being is due to the fact that the black diamond was once considered worthless and flawed.

However, today, it is emerging as one of the most sought after gems because of its unique and exquisite quality. Some notable black diamonds are the Black Star of Africa at 202.00 cts., which was last seen for the last time in Tokyo in 1971 and the Black Orfloff, at 67.50 cts.

Black Diamonds: The Crown Jewel of (LBGs) Little Black Jewels
Today, the astonishing black diamond represents the ultimate LBG. According (GIA) the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority in gemology, black diamonds get their color from the presence of numerous inclusions, often consisting of graphite.

Due to the dense concentrations of these dark inclusions, sometimes lining the stone’s cleavages and fractures, black diamonds are generally opaque and difficult to cut.

Compared with some most colored diamonds that characterize their dazzling hues because of chemical impurities that grow right within its crystal lattice, a black diamond provides smoky colorations from its mineral inclusions.

These minerals are usually sulphide compounds, hematite, and magnetite. Higher concentrations of these inclusions generally cloud the stone, thus turning it into a rich or black color.

Since this tinting is typically caused by the inclusions instead of some impurities, a black diamond is usually opaque, although semi-transparent and translucent specimens are considered as extremely valuable.

Natural black diamonds have been found in Africa, Australia, Brazil and Venezuela; more of these beauties are believed to have been shaped by meteor impacts.

A black diamond is very luxurious and rare gem. If you desire to be unique in an elegant and dashing way, consider possessing this divine artwork. It is a powerful and a dramatic statement in and of itself.

Prior to purchasing a black diamond, always make it a point to carefully investigate whether the stone is synthetically enhanced or not. If it is treated, you really should pass.

Synthetic stones are too delicate and require special care to refrain from damaging the treatment. Except no substitute, synthetic or otherwise, only purchase genuine black diamonds… if you can find them!



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