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Man Made Diamonds
To Buy Or Not To Buy? That Is The Question
–Get The Facts Before You Decide-






















They are everywhere? They are taking over? They are changing the landscape of the diamond trade? They are making diamonds more affordable? What you’ve just read is some of the hyped up Madison Ave., type advertising slogans used by the companies who have implemented aggressive marketing tactics to pitch any of the numerous diamond alternatives commonly known as Man Made Diamonds.


So what’s all the hoopla about? Really much to do about nothing. Smart diamond buyers know that you can’t compare a man made diamond to natural diamond anymore than you can compare fake man made synthetic sugar to natural sugar or fake man made bacon to natural bacon. Here is a brief overview and analysis of the man made diamonds currently available on the market:


Man Made Diamonds #1 - Apollo Diamond

These man made diamonds make the claim of being chemically, physically and optically identical to mined diamonds. Their advertising slogan says, “Nature perfected.”  They go on further to claim, “…an Apollo® diamond is 100% diamond…” We analyze this statement and others concerning the man made diamond process in, “ Man Made Diamonds The Myths Vs The Facts.


Man Made Diamonds #2 - CARAT

One of things I truly appreciate about the folks that make this product is their honesty. They tell buyers up front that their product is not a diamond, but rather a diamond simulant, made to look like a diamond. What more can you say about that?


Man Made Diamonds #3 - Cubic Zirconia
Cubic Zirconia’s, known in the diamond trade as CZ’s, have been called the grandfather of simulated/cloned/look-a-like man made diamonds. Because the market has been inundated with these diamond replicas, they have now become synonymous with cheap low-grade fashion jewelry.


Man Made Diamonds #4 - Diamond Nexus
Their slogan clearly states their position in the jewelry industry, “The World Leader in Laboratory Created Precious Gemstones” Translated, “We make man made diamonds!” Although their product is not naturally grown, they state that it is identi- cal to mined diamonds. The Diamond Nexus gemstones are the result of a fairly new spin of using scientific advancement and technology to mimic natural diamonds. Like many other man made diamonds they come very close to matching the properties of mined diamonds, but like my father used to say, “Close only counts when you are playing horseshoes.” This product is available in the United States at a price of around $79 per carat.


Man Made Diamonds #5 - Gemisis Cultured Diamond
Gemisis cultured diamonds are described as being almost perfect diamond replicas. Because of the process they use to make their product, they are not available in a clear, white color; they are currently available in a yellow, orange or pink. They offer their cultured diamonds in various precious metal and fine-jewelry settings.


Man Made Diamonds #6 – Moissanite Jewelry
Moissanite is a lab-created mineral described as another very good diamond simulant. Of course, that’s like saying that a Franklin Farm veggie burger gives off an aroma, feels and tastes like an Angus Beef Burger. C’mon people! We know the difference! Moissanite is a hard mineral that the makers claim will cut glass like a natural diamond. To man made diamond makers, that is an upside. The downside is; Moissanite jewelry is quite expensive; usually priced around $500 per carat.


Man Made Diamonds #7 – Russian Diamonds
There are two types of Russian Diamonds; those that are mined and those that are man made. This section of course refers to the man made diamonds known as Russian Stars and Russian Brilliants and they may go by other names. Some people say this product is nothing more than a more expensive higher quality version of Cubic Zirconias. If you are contemplating on going with a simulated diamond, it probably is best if you check this opinion out and decide for yourself.


Man Made Diamonds #8 Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals are actually high synthetic crystals cut and polished to a brilliant standard. As far as we can tell, they are not named or stated to be diamond simulants or replicatants by their makers. However, they mimic some of the beauty of natural diamonds and are often used in rings, necklaces, stud earrings, etc. Their popularity is increasing due to their pricing and great marketing


Man Made Diamonds #9 - White Sapphire
It is important to note that White Sapphire is actually not a man made diamond; it is a natural stone. The upside is, it is the second hardest natural mineral on the Mohs scale, and you should have guessed it; its hardness is only surpassed by natural diamonds. The downside? These stones do have a radiance and brilliance, but they are no comparison to genuinely natural diamonds.


There you have it! A brief synopsis of the most well known man made diamonds. Now the question begs, “Are you going to seek a man made diamond versus a genuine mine diamond? Before you decide I'd urge you to research the true driving force behind man made diamonds. 


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