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Sterling Jewelers
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Sterling Jewelers - A Jewelry Conglomerate

If there was ever a retail jewelry conglomerate, Sterling Jewelers is it! To date, with their numerous brands, they operate more stores (1,407 stores in all 50 states as of May 2008) than any diamond jewelry retailer in the US.


Their main competitors? Zales and believe it or not Walmart. That’s right! I never really paid any significant attention to the jewelry department at Walmart until I learned that they had a 4.5% market share of all jewelry purchases. If you are in the diamond trade, then you know how impressive that figure is. Here is the family and brands of the Sterling Jewelers flagship.


Kay Jewelers

Sterling Jeweler’s main brand is the well advertised Kay Jewelers. Surely you’ve heard their catchy advertising slogan? "Every Kiss Begins with Kay" How many women have taken that soft, fluid and seductive melody to heart? The sales figures tell it all!


The journey of Kay Jewelers began with humble beginnings indeed, two ambitious brothers started selling jewelry in the corner of their father's furniture store in 1916. Reportedly, there are now 900 Kay Jewelers stores as of May 2007. Sterling Jewelers acquired Kay Jewelers in 1990 and the brand has thrived and grown under their leadership.


Jared The Galleria of Jewelry

To be quite frank, in my personal opinion, [jumping on my soapbox] the Jared TV commercials with the tagline, "He Went to Jared!" are categorically lame duck! I can’t stand those commercials! Every time I see it, I’m left wondering if they are going to start pitching Subway Sandwiches. So this goes out to the marketing executives at Sterling Jewelers and Jared… GET A NEW SLOGAN! [I’m off my soapbox now].


Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry stores are freestanding diamond jewelry stores that carry about 5 times the selection of typical jewelry stores located in shopping malls. If you’ve ever been inside a Jared store, drop in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I’ve been in three different stores and they all have a lounge that features espresso and other refreshments, a children's play area, and of course a large custom design and jewelry repair department. Jared is marketed more towards the more sophisticated upper income group.


J.B. Robinson Jewelers and Regional Stores

Sterling Jewelers also operates a chain other regional jewelry stores, including but not limited to:

  • Belden Jewelers
  • Friedlander's Jewelers
  • Goodman Jewelers
  • J.B. Robinson Jewelers
  • Marks & Morgan Jewelers
  • Osterman Jewelers
  • Rogers Jewelers
  • LeRoy's Jewelers
  • Shaw's Jewelers
  • Weisfield Jewelers






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