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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings











Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings 
Princess cut diamond engagement rings are all the rage these days. And why not? The princess cut is preferred by those individuals who absolutely love the brilliance and sparkle of the traditional round shaped diamond such as the Brilliant Cut Diamond, but love the look of a square shaped diamonds to reflect those same or similar properties.

Even though, until recently the solitaire (round brilliant) was the most popular style for engagement rings, the princess cut diamond engagement rings are fast gaining on them.

Many people are breaking free of the traditional trend of presenting their fiancée with a diamond solitaire and are opting for diamond cuts such as Princess Cut Diamonds, Asscher Cut Diamonds, Emerald Cut Diamonds and many of the other non-traditional cuts.

The princess cut diamond is absolutely exquisite as a solitaire (single stone) or, it can be teamed up with other stones to look absolutely stunning. The princess cut looks brilliant on any metal – gold, white gold, platinum and even silver, though most people don’t consider silver when buying diamond engagement rings.

Moreover, since the Princess cut diamond engagement rings are probably one of the many recent creations of the jewelry industry; diamonds of the princess cut are currently less expensive than other, more traditional cuts. In its most simple form, it is a merger of the classic step cut and the brilliant cut to make a truly inspiring piece of jewelry.

The reason the prices of Princess cut diamond engagement rings are lower is that it contains about 80% of the rough diamond, whereas the round brilliant has only about 50% of the rough diamond. Since it has a greater weight of the original crystal, diamond cutters also prefer this shape.

Moreover, the mixed nature of the design of the princess cut diamond makes for a better opportunity to camouflage any imperfections of the mother stone. So that could be another reason why princess cut diamonds come a bit cheaper than the round sparkly cut.

In addition, if you set the diamonds along fixed channels, further minor imperfections can be camouflaged. So, you can get a gorgeous ring at a much lower price!

The unique and elegant shape of Princess cut diamond engagement rings makes for a perfect engagement ring, whether it contains a single stone or several others! All in all, the Princess cut diamond engagement ring is amazing because of its beauty and its pricing in comparison to other diamond engagement rings. You can get the beauty without the high price!

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