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  • There are some vitally important things you need to know before purchasing diamonds. In the industry we call them the 4 C's of Diamonds. They are: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight.
  • The Diamond Cut gives a diamond its brilliance. Learn the 4 C's of Diamonds and why the diamond cut is so important to your buying decision. Brought to you by the diamond experts.
  • Diamond Clarity as the name suggests, refers to the flawless nature of the stones. Learn the 4 C's of Diamonds and why the diamond clarity is important to your buying decision.
  • After carat weight, diamond color is the next most important barometer for determining the value of a diamond. In this session, the Diamond experts will show how to quickly evaluate color.
  • Diamond Carat is the unit of measurement used to determine the weight of a diamond. How important is this facet of buying a diamond. Find out from the diamond experts, this is our only business
  • Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Shapes and Diamond Cuts. When you are buying diamonds always look to knowledgeable experienced jewelers like the Diamond Experts.
  • There are nine primary reasons why you as a consumer should have a diamond appraisal from an independent appraiser on all your diamonds. Don't take a chance with your diamond purchase.
  • When it comes to a diamond appraisal, we get a lot of questions and decided to answer as many of them as we could in one setting, so here we go! Brought to you by the Diamond Experts.
  • Diamond certificates, which are commonly known as Diamond Grading are an essential tool in the diamond buying process. With a diamond certificate you can confirm: the cut, clarity, color, and...
  • Diamonds Are Forever has been tagged as one of the most successful advertising and marketing slogans of the 20th century and for good reason, women love the diamond engagement ring...
  • When it comes to diamonds, there are some things you need to be aware of; namely, genuine diamond rings are becoming hard to come by. What's on the market and how do you know the difference
  • If you are searching for the best deal possible on diamond earrings, use our diamond earring locator to find what you are looking for. Brought to you by the Diamond Experts
  • Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Enhances Your Natural Beauty and Protects Your Precious Jewels. Just as a mother shrouds her child in a cocoon of warmth and care, the bezel setting protects the diamond in its...
  • Emerald Diamond Necklace - This special piece of fine jewelry is incredibly popular among women who display lovely characteristics such as gracefulness, refinement and magnificence
  • Black Diamond Necklace - For The Woman Who Wants To Be Silently Seductive, the Black Diamond Necklace is exactly what you're looking for.
  • Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace - the Clever Choice for a glamorous but inexpernsive diamond necklace is the Sterling Silver Diamond Necklace.
  • Traditionally speaking the Diamond Solitaire Ring is normally designated as an engagement ring unequalled to any other. Yes, there are many other types of engagement rings on the market...
  • There is much to consider when purchasing a diamond engagement ring, learn the 5 steps to getting a ring that she'll adore. Brought to you by the Diamond Experts.
  • Asscher Cut Engagement Rings - If you want to make a lasting impression and a dazzling statement an Asscher Cut Engagement Ring is most likely going to be your best choice!
  • Asscher Cut Diamond - Chances are you may already know this, sparkle which practically all diamond lovers find irresistible, needs to be your principal determining issue when coming to your decision to buy or not to purchase.
  • Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings have a beauty that can only be described as uniquely captivating. Find out why these gems can easily become the apple of your eyes. Marquise Diamond engagement rings are truly a work of art.
  • Cushion Cut Engagement Rings have a renaissance look and feel that brings back the days of romance, dapper suits, breathtaking dresses, and warm summer nights on the French Riviera sipping red wine a dancing in the moonlight.
  • Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring is to be chosen when your bride to be is truly a gem! The Emerald Cut is all about expressing adoration and love to the highest degree.
  • Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings - sometimes the name says it all. But that's not the prime reason these gems are so special. They are special because they reflect a woman’s inner beauty, charm, softness and femininity.
  • Unique Diamond Engagement Rings are not just all the rave; they are so special because they reflect the beauty of the woman who wears them. Finding one of these special gems is easy when you learn..
  • Antique Diamond Engagement Rings Say, "Will You Marry Me" In Such a Special Way. The Best Phrase To Describe Them Is "Romantically Amazing!"
  • Black Diamond Engagement Ring - The Black Diamond Engagement Ring exudes what sexiness, romance and mysterious aura is all about. This jewel takes a very elegant and sophisticated person to wear it.
  • Pave Diamond Engagement Rings are the essence of femininty and beauty and they really represent a woman's sottness and coyness.

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