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  • Abazias – Want to know about Abazias? We provide you with an unbiased Abazias review plus a brief breakdown on Abazias diamonds and what you can expect from their company.

  • Looking to buy a diamond, loose diamonds, diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings or anythiny diamond? Then you are at the right place with the Diamond Experts. First, read our About Us page.

  • The American Institute Of Diamond Cutting is the only diamond cutting training school in the entire United States. It's licensed by the Florida Department of Education to teach diamond cutting and rough...

  • Antique Diamond Engagement Rings Say, "Will You Marry Me" In Such a Special Way. The Best Phrase To Describe Them Is "Romantically Amazing!"

  • When you walk into a diamond jewelry store and see all the diamonds in all of the various settings that are for sale, it is difficult to realize a diamond is indeed rare.

  • Asscher Cut Diamond - Chances are you may already know this, sparkle which practically all diamond lovers find irresistible, needs to be your principal determining issue when coming to your decision to buy or not to purchase.

  • Asscher Cut Engagement Rings - If you want to make a lasting impression and a dazzling statement an Asscher Cut Engagement Ring is most likely going to be your best choice!

  • When it comes to diamonds, there are numerous diamond scams to avoid. Most scams are minor, but there are some major ones that come up from time to time concerning the buying and selling...

  • Bezel Set Diamond Necklace Enhances Your Natural Beauty and Protects Your Precious Jewels. Just as a mother shrouds her child in a cocoon of warmth and care, the bezel setting protects the diamond in its...

  • Buying Diamonds Online From can be an harrowing experience, just ask the BBB and hundreds potentially thousands of unsatisfied, duped customers. You had better read this review..

  • We receive a lot of questions about the Black Diamond. People want to know: (1) What is a Black Diamond? (2) Are they really real? (3) Are they worth anything?

  • Black Diamond Engagement Ring - The Black Diamond Engagement Ring exudes what sexiness, romance and mysterious aura is all about. This jewel takes a very elegant and sophisticated person to wear it.

  • Black Diamond Necklace - For The Woman Who Wants To Be Silently Seductive, the Black Diamond Necklace is exactly what you're looking for.

  • Fine Jewelry - With the Diamond Experts, you have a friend in the jewelry business. Whether you are seeking a diamond, wedding band, engagement ring or Platinum jewelry, we are your number one source.

  • If you are in the market for diamond jewelry you have in all probability heard the term, Blood Diamonds. This term represents a dark side of the diamond industry

  • The ravishingly elegant and dazzling Blue Diamond and Blue Diamond Jewelry comes in many luxurious designs, cuts, fashions and settings; if you can find them. Because the Blue diamond is a

  • Blue Nile is Largest Online Retailer of Certified Diamonds Since it’s inception in 1999, Blue Nile has rapidly grown to become the largest online retailer of certified diamonds. They offer...

  • Before you start shopping for diamonds, consider dealing with a bonded jeweler. Bonded jewelers sell bonded diamonds, and there are very few bonded jewelers in the world.

  • One area that is coming up more and more is the issue of wearing Bridal Jewelry. So what exactly is bridal jewelry and who should wear it? Bridal Jewelry and Bridesmaid Jewelry is fine jewelry...

  • Brilliant Cut Diamond - Brilliant Cut Diamonds Are The Best Choice When You Really Want To Sparkle. If you are not familiar with these fiery sparkling diamonds, then you should keep reading… A brilliant Cut Diamond is the perfect ring for proposing marriage.

  • Brilliant Cut Diamonds – The Question Has Been Asked, "Should You Buy a Brilliant Cut Diamond?" And the Answer Is...

  • Bulova Men's Diamond Watch Collection is all about giving men that courageous, brawny look that women can't resist. It's truly a Man's Diamond Watch.

  • A GIA Certified Loose Diamonds are probably one the most expensive diamonds on the market and for good cause. However, you can get them at amazing discounts if you follow our advice.

  • Buy Jewelry Online - If you are looking to buy a diamond ring, diamond engagement ring, wedding ring, loose diamond, diamonds or other fine jewelry, you’re at the right starting place with the Diamond Experts.

  • With the advent of the Internet, buying Diamonds Online is fast becoming the way to buy diamonds. However, there are some areas you need to be concerned about...

  • Fancy colored diamonds are all the rage these days. Gemologists have developed new ways to create versions that are affordable for the average person.

  • Cushion Cut Engagement Rings have a renaissance look and feel that brings back the days of romance, dapper suits, breathtaking dresses, and warm summer nights on the French Riviera sipping red wine a dancing in the moonlight.

  • About De Beers Diamond. De Beers is without question, the largest diamond mining company in the world. In the jewelry world De Beers has no peers and literally no real competition.

  • De Beers Diamond Class Action Settlement. The Fairness Hearing was held on April 14, 2008. Judge Chesler issued an order approving the Settlement on May 27, 2008.

  • There are nine primary reasons why you as a consumer should have a diamond appraisal from an independent appraiser on all your diamonds. Don't take a chance with your diamond purchase.

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